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Protocol is a company that specializes in teaching protocol and etiquette to private clients, universities and corporations. We help students, professionals and distinguished clients to be more considerate, confident and deliberate in the way they live. We aim to provide personalized trainings and create programs to enhance the image and reputation of individuals and organizations.

We are a valuable resource of good manners for those who want to learn proper etiquette. With topics for teens, professionals and corporations, we offer clear and detailed information that can be used for school, workplace, and social issues. We pride ourselves on making sure Protocol is a helpful support for individuals and organizations to develop positive relationships.

Our programs reinforce good manners with emphasis on making polite conversation, using technology manners, behaving in the workplace, and other important skills that build confidence and respect.

A few hours of etiquette instruction can make a difference in your life. If you know how to act in all types of situations, your manners will take you wherever you want to go.


Protocol inspires and changes individuals to act properly, work honorably and live harmoniously with other people. More...


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